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Credit Card Ballpoint Twist Pen
Credit Card Ballpoint Twist Pen

Credit Card Ballpoint Twist Pen

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Expired Credit Cards destined for the landfill are collected and shredded.  The shredded pieces of plastic are then mixed with colored Alumilite resin and carefully poured into molds.  Once the resin has hardened the resin credit card mixture is then cut into squares.  Brass tubes are hand painted and the squares are drilled and the tubes are glued into the drilled squares.

The pieces with the tubes are then placed on a lathe and turned down to specific heights to match the pen components.  The pieces are then "wet sanded" to 12,000 grit and polished to a high polish.  At that time they are assembled to the pen you see.  Each pen is placed in wooden box as shown.  This pen uses a "Parker Style" refill that is readily available from any stationary store.