UV Curing Resin Kit - BHW 39




Free UV Glasses!

Artist's UV Curing resin by The Berea Hardwoods Co. is a perfect alternative to pen blank making and label casting without a pressure pot.

Artist's UV Curing resin is a one step resin with water clear transparency. With a UV light the resin will dry instantly and cure in 2-4 minutes. On sunny days, the resin has a drying time of 5-20 minutes.

Artist's UV Curing Resin can be mixed with mica powders and some liquid dyes made for urethanes, allowing you to create different looks.

Artist's UV Curing resin can be turned, sanded and polished just like our acrylic pen blanks.

Artist's UV Curing resin is not toxic and has no unpleasant smell unlike other acrylics.

Contains: 100g

* The resin will remain in its gel state indefinitely until a source of natural light or ultraviolet light comes into contact with it.

UV resin warnings
  • Environmental conditions can affect the properties of the resin
  • Use in a dry, ventilated place, Extreme cold and heat can damage the resin.
  • Use under inadequate conditions, inadequate exposure to UV light or insufficient UV light output can result in the surface feeling tacky or waxy after curing.

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