Snake Stand Venetian Brass Rollerball Pen




Life like ceramic snake stand holds the Brass Venetian Rollerball Snakeskin pen!  The Venetian Rollerball Pen will post.  The cap will screw onto the lower barrel if you choose to do so.

Genuine prairie rattlesnake skins are used to create this pen.  The skin is wrapped around a hand painted brass tube and then coated with a non-yellowing polyester acrylic. These snakes are not on an endangered species list.

These stylish one-of-a-kind writing instruments truly reveal the love of nature and its bountiful gifts.  The pen comes with the ceramic snake stand and the rollerball will utilize a "Schmidt Style" rollerball refill which is readily available at any stationary store or it is  available in the Pens Accessories & Supplies section of this website.

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