Red Lipped Abalone Shell Casting Sheet


Select Pen Tube Size: 3/8"


Red Lipped Abalone Shells are cut  by master cutters in the Pacific region to a thickness of 1/2mm and then adhered to a very sticky 3M backing.  The sheet of shell is cut with a laser so it EXACTLY wraps around a specific pen tube.  Each sheet of Red Lipped Abalone will make two (2) single barrel pens or one (1) two barrel pen.  

Simply cut the sheet with a pair of scissors to length, remove the 3m backing and carefully place onto a painted tube and cast it in your favorite casting material.

The pen shown is not using a 3/8" tube - it is to demonstrate what the Red Lipped Abalone Pen  will look like on other pens!

NOTE: No two shell pieces will ever be the same - the way Mother Nature intended!

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