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Feathers - Ringneck Venetian Rollerball or Fountain Pen
Ring Neck Pheasant Feather Rollerball Pen

Feathers - Ringneck Venetian Rollerball or Fountain Pen

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Rink Neck Pheasant Feathers are individually and meticulously glued onto hand painted brass pen tubes.  The feathers are then coated with a non-yellowing acrylic to assure maximum protection for your ring neck pheasant feather pen.  The tubes are coated over a three day period to ensure no air bubbles are present.

The tubes are then placed on a lathe and turned down to exact specifications and then hand polished with the final polishing step using 12,000 grit wet sandpaper.  The tubes are then matched with Antique Brass hardware.  The cap of the pen will "post" on the back of the lower barrel for a balanced writing experience!

Pen is packaged with a wooden pen box.