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These scroll saw blades are manufactured in Germany with German Steel. They were specifically designed to have a deeper set to the teeth of the blade. This will remove the debris from the kerf faster, thus producing a cleaner smoother cut for all Hardwoods, Acrylics and solid surface material such as Corian. Sold per dozen $6.95  or by the Gross $54.95

See Chart Below For Sizes...

Part # Teeth per Inch (tpi) Hardwoods Acrylics & Corian
NAB 2/0 30 marquetry n/a
AB 2/0 30 marquetry n/a
AB 2 23 up to 1/4" thick up to 1/8" thick 
AB 4 16 up to 1/2" thick up to 1/4" thick 
AB 5 16 up to 3/4" thick up to 1/4" thick 
AB 7 14 up to 1" thick up to 1/2" thick 
AB 9 14 up to 1 1/2" thick up to 1" thick 
AB 12 12 up to 2" thick up to 1" thick 

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