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Abalone Red Lipped Sierra Grip Ballpoint Twist Pen

Abalone Red Lipped Sierra Grip Ballpoint Twist Pen

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The front nib section is a unique three sided shape-somewhat like a indented triangle creating an extremely comfortable grip surface.
The distinctive shape is both interesting and pleasing to observe, offering the ultimate in a comfortable and enjoyable writing experience even over extended periods of writing. 

Abalone shell strips are laser cut and then individually glued on the pen tubes.  The strips are coated with a non-yellowing acrylic over a three day period assuring maximum protection for your Abalone pen.

Each Abalone pen is meticulously handcrafted to exact specifications in order to match a particular pen style. Each barrel is then hand polished step by step with the final sanding step being 12,000 grit sandpaper.

These stylish one-of-a-kind writing instruments truly reveal the love of nature and its bountiful gifts. The pen is packaged with a cherry pen box and utilizes a "Parker Style" refill readily available at any stationary store.