Steam Punk Watch Parts Bolt Action Ballpoint Pen SPW4




Victorian science fiction meets the industrialized 19th century.  Steam Punk mixes old with new; fusing modern technology with the love of old fashioned materials in an aesthetically pleasing pen.

Hundreds of watch parts are carefully removed from vintage mechanical watches and then are adhered to a hand painted brass tube. The assembly is then cast over a three day period with a non-yellowing acrylic for lasting protection.  The casting is then turned on a lathe, hand polished and buffed.  Once completed the blank is assembled with bolt action Steam Punk themed pen parts and placed in a wood pen box.

This Steam Punk Watch Parts Pen comes in a Cherry wooden pen box. The pen utilizes a "Parker Style" refill which is readily available at any stationary store or Parker style refills are available in the Pens Accessories & Supplies section of this website. 

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