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This is an elegant large Fountain or Rollerball pen.  A genuine Rolex dial is carefully bent to correspond to the curvature of a hand painted pen tube.  The dial is secured to the tube and then hundreds of watch parts are removed from reclaimed vintage watches and adhered to painted tube. The assemblies are placed into a mold and over three days a non-yellowing polyester acrylic is poured and allowed to dry.  Once the assemblies are removed from the mold, they are placed on a lathe, tuned, polished and matched with the appropriate pen parts to form the One-Of-A-Kind fine writing instrument you see!

The pen comes in a cherry box and if it is a rollerball uses a Schmidt cartridge that is readily available at any stationary store.  If it is a fountain pen, it will come with a medium Jowo nib with a Schmidt converter so you can use your own ink. If you choose, international ink cartridges can be used.  These types of refills and ink are available in the Pen Accessory section of this website.

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