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Steam Punk Metal Matrix Bolt Action Ballpoint Click Pen

Steam Punk Metal Matrix Bolt Action Ballpoint Click Pen

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Victorian science fiction meets the industrial 19th century.  My Stained Glass Steam Punk Bolt Action ballpoint pen mixes old with new; fusing modern technology with the love of old fashioned materials in an aesthetically pleasing pen!

Foil is strategically placed around a hand painted pen tube.  Wire is then placed on the tube in sections and watch gears are carefully then placed into each quadrant. The assembly is then coated with a non-yellowing polyester acrylic over a three day period.  The assembly is then placed on a lathe, turned down, sanded, polished, buffed and assembled into the pen you see.

The pen is packaged with a wooden box and the pen uses a "Parker Style" refill that can be purchased at any stationary store.

PLEASE NOTE: Pen pictured is a copper & brass finish, your pen may vary in finish.  If you have any questions please contact us - thank you