Inlay Firefighter Logo Twist Lock Ballpoint Click Pen


Choose Brass or Pewter: Pewter


This pen pays homage to the dedication, sacrifice and bravery these heroes display every day;  show your support for any firefighter with this unique pen. Choose Brass or Pewter pen components.

The cap of the pen is a Firefighter's helmet and the clip is a Firefighter's ladder. At the top of the clip is an adaption of a Firefighter's Maltese cross.  

 The upper portion of the pen is a silhouette of a Firefighter in uniform at work.  The words "Honor" "Bravery" "Duty" and "Dedication" are displayed behind the silhouette of the Firefighter. The nib of the pen is shaped from the hose nozzle and the pens refill is extended by “locking” the hose together!

The Firefighter Pen is packaged with the engraved fire department cherry pen box. and utilizes a "Parker Style" refill which is readily available at any stationary store or is available in the Pens Accessories & Supplies section of this website.

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