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Cigar Band Ballpoint Twist Grip Pen
Cigar Band Ballpoint Twist Grip Pen

Cigar Band Ballpoint Twist Grip Pen

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This pen is a one-of-a-kind pen in this box.  Once it is gone it is gone!

The ballpoint twist "grip" pen is a new and unique design.  It is the ultimate in comfort for enjoyable writing!
The front section is a unique three sided shape-somewhat like a indented triangle. This creates an extremely comfortable grip surface.  The shape is interesting and pleasing to the eye and this blends together with the Cigar Band creating an enjoyable looking fine writing instrument!

Ecuador Yellow tobacco leaves are moistened and then hand rolled onto painted pen tubes to establish the background of the "Cigar" pen. Cigar bands are positioned and adhered onto the leaves and then the assembly is coated with a non-yellowing polyester resin over a three day period.  This assures maximum protection for your Cigar Band Pen! 

This pen is matched with the original box that the cigar came from.  The refill is a "Parker" style refill readily available at any stationary store.