Acrylic Sanding Pads - BG114




Great for Corian and other acrylic counter tops

Use these 3 double sided pads with water in less steps then Miro-Mesh! The Acrylic Finishing Pads are double-sided, foam-filled, 2” x 2” Aluminum oxide sanding pads and are recommended for finishing ALL acrylic materials. Perfect for Gemstone & Trustone!

The kit contains two sets of three pads, each pad is 2” x 2” foam-filled, double-sided sanding pads with the following grits: 600 (yellow)/ 800 (green), 1500 (light orange)/ 2400 (purple), 4000 (light blue)/ 12,000 (grey), for a total of 6 pads.

Instructions are included.

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