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Beall Buffing System

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Beall Buffing System


  1. Sand your piece to at least 250 grit.  If the piece will not receive much handling or is an exotic piece (cocobolo, etc.) containing sufficient natural oil, you can proceed immediately to the next step.  For more durable results, apply an oil or varnish sealer first, allowing the piece to thoroughly dry.  Penetrating finishes such as MinWax Antique Oil™ , tung oil or Watco™ will furnish the best results.  However, varnish and with care, lacquer may also be used.  NOT recommended are vegetable-based oils such as linseed which may not dry thoroughly or shellac, which can be melted by the heat produced in the buffing system!  The wood buff system is designed to be used with a 1/3 HP motor with a recommended motor speed of 1725 RPM.
  2. Apply the Tripoli bar included in the kit to the all linen Tripoli Wheel and buff:  all buffing wheels are marked for your convenience.  Tripoli is the coarsest abrasive included in the kit and will leave a slight residue on the work.
  3. Next, buff your piece with the White Diamond compound applied to the combination linen and cotton White Diamond Wheel.  White Diamond is a finer, drier compound and will remove the residue left from step 2.
  4. Finally, apply the Carnauba Wax with the all cotton flannel Wax Wheel.   The beauty of the resultant finish is difficult to describe:  it is similar to the effect achieved with the multiple coats of lacquer, but is softer and deeper.  Since only the Carnauba Wax, an edible natural substance remains on the wood, buffing is particularly appropriate for small hand held objects such as bowls, pens, boxes and toys.

  Be sure to wear an OSHA approved dust mask when you are buffing!  Particles in buffing compounds can irritate eyes, nose and skin.  Excessive inhalation of Tripoli particles can lead to serious lung disorders!


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