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Barry Gross Announced Double Finalist in NICHE Magazine’s Fine Craft Competition

Baltimore, Md. (Dec. 1, 2011)—NICHE magazine, the exclusive trade publication for retailers of American and Canadian craft, announced the finalists for its 2012 NICHE Awards.   Barry Gross is a double finalist within the Mixed & Miscellaneous Media category for the piece “Cholla Cactus” and the Recycled category for the piece “Tempus Jr.”.  Both pieces were recognized in the professional division of the competition.

The NICHE Awards competition annually recognizes excellence and innovation in North American craft. In the professional division, judging is based on three main criteria: technical excellence in surface design and form; market viability; and a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought.

In May 2010 Barry Gross received a prestigious Readers’ Choice Award from Pen World Magazine in the “Just for Fun” category for the original design of his “Tempus” watch pieces pen.


Effective February 23, 2009 Barry received confirmation by the Copyright Office in accordance with title 17, of the  United States Code (registration number VA 1-723-999) , that his request for copyright protection was granted as of October 10, 2008  for his "Eco-Friendly" Watch Pieces, Cigar Label, Beer Caps and Fishing Fly Lure pens. The certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records.  If you wish to view this document, download the PDF file on the right hand side of this page.

Below is a chart listing the articles and the dates as they appeared in the magazines listed.

Barry Gross Announced Double Finalist in NICHE Magazine’s Fine Craft Competition
Acrylic Finishing 1 Spring 2004
Stained Ornament 1 Spring 2004
Corian Sphere Holder Clock 2 Summer 2004
Product Review Jet 1014VS 2 Summer 2004
Freedom Pen Project 4 Winter 2005
Kids Turning 4 Winter 2005
How to Photograph 5 Spring 2005
Salt & Pepper Corian Shakers 6 Summer 2005
Ladies Compact 9 Spring 2006
Antler Pens 10 Summer 2006
Laser cut Piano Pen 13 Spring 2007
Yikes it's Stripes 15 Fall 2007
Segmented Pens 16 Winter 2008
VP Pen 17 Spring 2008
DC Super Show 18 Summer 2008
Laser cut Puzzle Pen 20 Winter 2009
Dust Collectioon 21 Spring 2009
Shop Tour 22 Summer 2009
Acrylic Coating 23 Fall 2009
Old Fashioned Pepper grinder 25 Spring 2010
Cholla Cactus Pen 26 Summer 2010
Closed end Cigar pen part 1 27 Fall 2010
Closed end Cigar pen part 2 28 Winter 2011


Seahorse Plaque 70 April 2000
Sperm Whale / baby 71 June 2000
Clownfish 72 August 2000
Dolphin on Driftwood 73 October 2000
Photo Sculptures 75 January 2001
Inlaced Sailfish 76 March 2001
Thermoforming Article 76 March 2001
Butterfly 77 April 2001
Turning a Corian Pen 79 August 2001
3 Color Angel Fish 80 October 2001
Christmas Ornaments 81 November 2001
Kokopelli with Brass Sax 83 March 2002
Strawberry Trivet 86 August 2002
Yellow Tang 87 September 2002
Sushi Tray 89 January 2003
Sun Catcher - Seahorse 90 March 2003
Business Card Holder 91 June 2003
Pen Perfume Holder 93 August 2003
Pumpkin Trivet 94 October 2003
Turned Ornament 95 November 2003
3-D Lepoard 95 November 2003


Two-Toned Corian Dolphin Fall 2001
3-D Acrylic Angel Fish Spring 2002
Watermelon Trivet Summer 2002
Father's Day - Seahorse Fall 2002
Nairoc Holiday Ornaments Holiday 2002
Sun Catcher - Angelfish Spring 2003
SSV - Lion Summer 2003
Metal InLaced Lizards Fall 2003
3-D Unicorn Holiday 2003